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BBG & Company
BBG & Company — Live At The Blue Wisp
Release date : Oct. 05, 2010
Label : BBG Music
  1. Out of Nowhere (Johnny Green)
  2. Alligator Blues
  3. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)
  4. Easy Virtue (Robert Walter)
  5. Blue and Green (Miles Davis)
  6. Isfahan (Billy Strayhorn)
  7. Baby Steps (Brian Batchelor-Glader)
  8. Ain't it the Truth (Eddit Green)
  9. 3 and 1 (Thad Jones)
  10. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz)

BBG & Company is a refined jazz-quartet comprised of Brian Batchelor-Glader on piano, Hammond Organ, and keyboard; Michael Sharfe thumping away on the string —and electric—bass; Joe Jahnigen keeping expert time with drums and percussion; and Brad Meyers bringing it home on guitar. The group performs often at The Blue Wisp Jazz club in downtown Cincinnati where they recorded their album, “Live At The Blue Wisp,” which is a collection of Jazz standards and fusion mixes ranging from Miles Davis to the Violent Femmes.